It’s not every day that your granddaughter turns four. Every birthday of our children needs to be special so that we feel nostalgia in the future looking at the wishes, celebrations, and gifts on those birthdays. In order to give special wishes to your granddaughter on her fourth birthday, we have prepared some heartfelt, joyous, and funny wishes for her. Do share it with her because she will love it.

Dear Granddaughter! It gives me immense happiness to wish you a happy birthday on turning four. You have been a real joy in these four years and I can’t wait for the coming years to unfold.

Happy fourth birthday to our cutie-munchy pie. You are the apple of our eye and we bestow all our love and blessings to you with all our might.

Happiness is seeing a little toddler growing each day with a cute little smile. May you always be kind, naïve but with a lot of intelligence of course, just like your grand pa. Happy fourth birthday my little girl.

I still remember the time when I held you in my arms for the first time. It felt surreal and nothing has changed and won’t change ever. You will always be the cute little toddler for us no matter how much you grow up. A very awesome fourth birthday for the dear girl.

After our ice cream, chocolate shakes and funny banter, grand parents love their grand daughter. Hehe! We are kidding. We love you more than anything else dear girl.

It was magic when you were born. At one, it felt awesome. On two, it was pure joy. But now you have turned four, it feels surreal. I hope the coming years be even more fulfilling, prosperous and joyful. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

I must have done some amazing deeds that the Almighty fulfilled my wish of having a wonderful grand daughter like you. You are a breath of fresh air and your enthusiasm and happiness is contagious.

Awesome Kid at four! That’s what your grandpa and grandma always wanted. You are one bright, chirpy funny girl my granddaughter! You may have turned only four but you are way wiser than your years.

We as a family couldn’t have asked for a smarter, beautiful and adorable little girl like you. You have completed four years here and these years have been nothing short of paradise for us. May the good times continue for eternity. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

The world would be so kind, supportive, and thriving if there were more little toddlers like my granddaughter. She is the epitome of pure heart, kindness, and optimism, even at such young age of four. Congrats on the birthday dear!

The world is one happy place for us oldies, because everyday, the lord blesses us through the sparkling eyes and cheerful smile of our grand daughter. May you achieve insane success way beyond your expectations. Happy 4th birthday to the pretty girl.

Nostalgia will be seeing my pretty, young, smart grand daughter in her teen years and then relieving this fourth birthday party with her. I am excited of the coming years that are going to unfold with lots of joy, happiness and prosperity.

Cute as a sunflower, kind as the baby elephant and shiny smiley like the Lord Sun; that’s what my dear grand daughter is. May this fourth birthday be a grand occasion for everyone to remember.

Hey dear girl! You may not get the meaning of this message for few years down the line but know that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And you are one tough little girl. Always be happy and strong because the divine has bestowed you with amazing talent and abilities.

It feels yesterday only that you came into our world. These four years have flown by. Congrats on the 4th birthday pretty girl. I can’t wait to see you blossom into a gorgeous woman very soon. Happy Birthday!

You have been a warrior ever since you came into this world my dear girl. These four years may have been tough but everything will get easier for you now. Our blessings are always upon you. Stay happy, stay strong. Happy 4th birthday!