Bestow your four month baby with lots of happiness, kisses and wishes. We present to you heartfelt, cheerful and inspiring messages on the completing of 4 months of your baby boy and girl. Messages are written from both Mom and Father.

Thank the lord for blessing me with the cutest kid on planet. May you grow bigger and stronger with every passing day.

It feels today only that you came into our life. You were adorable when you were born and are now turning more beautiful with every passing day. Happy 4 month birthday to you sweetheart.

Nothing brings us more peace than your cute little face. Our family is might happy to have you with us and can’t wait to have memorable moments with you.

The Almighty blessed us with you after lots of wishes. Everyday I feel only gratitude because of you. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Some things in life are always sacred, including the likes of you who will always be our little one no matter how much you grow. Love you dear

You are turning into a swan with every passing day. May the divine bless you with warmth and health every day.

From Mom for 4 months baby Daughter

Happy Birthday to the cute girl for completing 4 months here in our family. You are the angel that we have always wanted and Mom is so proud to have you, my girl. Stay happy, stay blessed!

Ever since you have come into our life 4 months ago my dear girl, life has taken a different meaning for your mommy. You are the sunshine that graces my heart and well-being. I adore your cute little face, your squeaky pitch, and your heart-melting smiles that make me forget any worry. Happy fourth month birthday my sweetheart.

From father for 4 months Baby Girl

Daddy’s princess have turned into a 4 month old cute baby. And she already has started to look so pretty and beautiful. Even your smile is becoming so adorable my baby girl. And your daddy can’t get enough of holding you and bestowing you with kisses. Happy 4 month birthday sweety!

When a man sincerely craves for a daughter, the divine hears him. Thank you my sweet heart for coming into my life. These past 4 months have been the happiest for me. Daddy loves to see you smile and sleeping with enjoyment. Lots of my princess.

From father for four months Baby Boy

You are today 4 months old my handsome Son. Your Daddy will always record all the milestones of your life. May you enjoy great health, deep sleep and lots of fun. Love you cutie Pie.

Legends has it that life can be heavenly. For the past 4 months, I have come to realize what they meant. And all the credits goes to my lovely boy who smiles adorably when he sees his father. I couldn’t have fathered a better baby son, I swear. Love you my boy. Keep smiling. Stay happy!

From Mother for Baby Son

It was exactly 4 months ago that you enter into this world with your full pitch cries. It was an overwhelming feeling for me. When your mommy sees you, she could not believe how lucky she has been to be blessed with such a cute baby boy. Happy four month completion my cutie Pie.

You may have come in our family 4 months ago but I feel we share the bond from eternity. My dear Son, you are absolutely gorgeous just like your mommy. I have never been happier in life than in the last four months. Happy birthday for your 4th month my boy. Love you the moon and back.