Thirty-five years is a monumental time in any endeavor of life. Be it the work anniversary or wedding, if you know someone who has given 35 years of their time, loyalty, and energy to an organization, you are one lucky individual because you would rarely find such people in your life. Whether you have an employee who has completed thirty-five years or knows someone who has given 35 years to their workplace, you should give them a happy and prosperous work anniversary message.

And that’s what this post is about. Here you will find tons of work anniversary messages for the thirty-fifth anniversary.

We never thought that we would be fortunate enough to wish someone this message. In the last thirty-five years, you have broken the barriers of success. We started with very little and due to your loyalty and hard work, we reached the pinnacle. So glad to have someone like you with us. Congratulations on completing thirty-five years with us. Happy anniversary.

Even if it is supposed to be a professional tone to wish you, we feel imperative to thank you from the bottom of your heart for your contribution to our office. These last thirty-five years with you have been more than surreal. Apart from the success, what we have enjoyed more is our togetherness and loyalty, faith towards each other. Many congrats for completing 35 years with us. But the journey is not over yet at all. Happy Work Anniversary!

At times, when we ask for something from the divine, he blesses us with more than that. And that has exactly been the case with you. We have witnessed the ebbs and the flows together and have greatly learned a lot from you. While organizations with an employee on milestones such as your thirty-fifth work anniversary, we feel like patting ourselves on the back for the great work in retaining you and being loyal, transparent, and honest with you all these years. The world would be so much happy, cooperative, and thriving if there would be more professionals like you. Happy thirty-fifth work anniversary dear!

For us, you are not merely an employee but a family. In the last 35 years, we have witnessed growth, learning, and exemplary success with you. Cannot forget the amazing times of joy, fun, and happiness which we have spent with you. Folks like you are a dime in a million. Thank you for everything you have done for us. You are a great role model for everyone. Congrats on completing thirty-five years with us. Happy Work Anniversary!

We may have many auspicious occasion but this one is truly special. You have been awesome for more than thirty five years and it makes us heartwarming to have folks like you in this organization. We have learnt many things from you over the years and we can truly say that you are one of our assets of whom we will always be proud of. May our journey continues to sail together so that we can achieve more growth and accomplishments. Happy work anniversary for completing 35 years.