Its not everytime occurence that somebody genuinely asks you “Are You Okay” after an experience takes a toll on you. At times, your friends, relatives and aquaintances may even pull your leg by asking you such question. Deciding the intent behind such a question is the hard part but if they are merely asking to evoke a funny response from you, then you can fulfill it by giving a appropriate hilarious response that might compel them to think whether to ask “Are you Okay ?” next time from you or not. This post covers plenty of such responses that are not only funny but sarcastic also.

Why do People Really ask “Are You Okay?”

Sometimes, people around you are genuinely concerned if they see you experiencing a stress. If the mood and equation between the two of you permits, giving a genuine response (in a funny tone) is a good idea.

However, if the other person is simply trying to show his caring side for the sake of formality, then you can chose to give a funny mixed sarcastic reply.

To who you should give a Funny Sarcastic reply to Are You Okay ?

  1. An old friend who texts you after a long time for the sake of knowing details about the event that caused you stress rather than caring about your well-being
  2. Relatives who sends unnecessary good morning good night messages but never respond to a genuine conversation.
  3. Your colleague who is jealous of you
  4. To someone with whom you do not wish to disclose any of the matter.

Why it is necessary to response to “Are You Okay”?

You need to accept that not all of your aquaintances, colleagues and even relatives are not there to wish the best for you. In fact, some may even pray for your downfall and there is nothing that makes them happier than see you miserable for any reason.

There are two ways to deal with such a question. Either you can chose to not respond (which is perfectly fine) or you can throw back a funny sarcastic reply that puts them on the backfoot. Sometimes, silence is often perceived as weakness and therefore my preferred way is always to throw back an appropriate funny reply depending on the receiver.

Funny Logical Responses to Are You Okay

  1. I’m on a rollercoaster of emotions, but don’t worry, the safety bar is secure.
  2. I’m perfectly okay; my smoke detector and I just had a heart-to-heart conversation.
  3. I’m doing great! My sleep app gave me a gold star last night. I’m basically a sleep champion.
  4. You know, just breaking personal records in the ‘How Long Can I Pretend to Exercise’ Olympics.
  5. I’m in a committed relationship with my bed. We’re doing just fine, But thanks for asking.
  6. Oh, I’m just having a riveting conversation with my porcelain throne. We’re working through some stuff
  7. I am doing well like a fine ageing wine. Thanks for asking!
  8. Living my best bathroom-based lifestyle. It’s a movement, you wouldn’t understand.
  9. I’m okay, but my alter ego, ‘Captain Chaos,’ is having a blast.
  10. If ‘okay’ were an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist by now.
  11. I’m so okay, I’m practically the poster child for ‘Chillaxation.
  12. Okay is just a state of mind, and my mind is on vacation.

Some Sarcastic Responses to Are You Okay?

  1. Yes, I have changed my name to “Okay”!!!
  2. Living my best life, simultaneously breathing, thinking, farting, and bathing. Efficiency level: Expert.
  3. You know that I hold a P.hD in smiling through the pain event.
  4. I’m just achieving my daily enlightenment on the porcelain path to wisdom. How about you?
  5. I’m so okay that my digestive system decided to throw a surprise party. Everyone’s invited. Do you want to come?
  6. I am so okay that the therapists are really jealous of me for not seeking their help!
  7. I am so much Okay that if I were more, I would probably be in coma.
  8. Lol. As if you really care about it!
  9. Will tell you only if you will do a naked dance for me!
  10. I’m as okay as a fish in a desert – thriving, really. Wanna know more?
  11. Am I okay? Define ‘okay’… actually, never mind, I don’t care.
  12. Good for you that I am not!
  13. Oh, I’m fantastic. It’s not every day that I contemplate the meaning of existence before noon.
  14. Am I okay? I’m the picture of emotional stability and rainbows, obviously.
  15. Currently mastering the art of synchronized shower singing. The acoustics are fantastic.