Making your kid laugh his/ her heart out is one of the greatest joys for every parent. And luckily, it’s not really hard to make them laugh at incidents happening in our normal lives. But the right jokes for them are hard to find. If you are looking for the sort of jokes that are not only laughter inducer but also appropriate for your three-year-old, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find plenty of such kid jokes for the 3-year-old.

What does super daddy do after lying down on the bed?? He snores.

How do you make your brother stop pulling your leg? By tickling him.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, to the daddy for help.

What does daddy do when he is feeling low? He goes to mommy and hugs her like a bear.

What does Apple and Banana have in common? They both look weird.

When you are scared of the doctor, you run back to mommy just like the running mouse who slips and rolls back when it sees your daddy.

If your teacher asks you what is your favorite dessert? You tell her “I Scream”

Hey Sonny, do you know what does a policeman says to his big tummy? You have to be under vest.

Do you know that not only daddy but his farts and snoring are unique too.

What does mommy do for fun? She talks non-stop to daddy.

Animal Jokes for three-year-olds

How do doggies say thank you to their owners for good food? By saying “Paw some”

Do you know what a bear without a teeth is called? A gummy bear.

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Poop Jokes for three-year-old

What you do when Poop doesn’t come out? You tell it that you will give a chocolate upon coming out. 🤣

When Daddy poops, the commode shakes.

What is the one thing that is bearable of yours’s only? The poop.

Dear daughter! When your enemy wishes good for you, you revert back with thank you followed by “May you poop well each morning”

What do you call someone who makes fun of you? You tell them that they look like a poop.

What does mommy pray every day? That she doesn’t have to go toilet after daddy.

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