Every moment with your baby is like a paradise. Its utterly heavenly and as a Dad and Mom, we couldn’t wait to express our joy and wishes for our babies. So when they turn 2nd month old, it is a great occasion to be happy, to celebrate and to bless the baby with warm wishes, smiles, and happiness. In this post, we have written heartwarming, silly birthday wishes for your 2nd month old baby.

For Baby Boy from Mommy on 2nd birthday

Happy 2nd month birthday to my cutie munchy baby boy. May you always keep smiling like a cute toddler. Mommy is so happy to have you by your side. I pray to the Almighty to bless you with all the happiness in the world. Lots of love my dear!

It is amazing how 2 months have passed by. It felt as if my gorgeous baby boy came into this world yesterday only. It is so nice to see you grow each day, with more laughter, more sleeping, and more giggling. Mommy simply can’t get enough of you my child. Happy 2-month birthday sweetheart!

Baby Boy 2nd birthday from Daddy

A father’s best friend will always be his Son. And my dear boy, he has certainly has got one in the form of you. You are a wonderful replica of your handsome daddy and these two months have flown by like a breeze. May you keep growing bigger and stronger. Congrats for turning 2 months old.

Its amazing how little guys like you wipe out all the stress of your daddy. Waking every morning and seeing your beautiful face is the best gift that any dad could ever have. You are the angel that our family always needed my son. Many Congratulations on turning two months. Can’t wait for the future to unfold with you.

For Baby Girl from Daddy

There is a reason that Daughters and fathers make the best combination. You have turned 2 months old my dear girl and I couldn’t just take my eyes off you. You possess the innocence of the divine and daddy couldn’t be happier to have you, my girl. So excited for the future.

Ever since daddy was a little kid, he always prayed for da daughter. And 2 months ago, the divine fulfilled Daddy’s wish by sending you into his life. You are absolutely the exact replica of your daddy my little girl. May you always stay blessed and happy. Happy birthday for turning 2 months old.

From Mother to daughter on 2nd month

The best things in life are truly blessed by the divine. And I am such a lucky mom to have a daughter who makes me feel grateful, blessed, and happy. So sweet you are my angel. Many Congrats on turning 2 months. Can’t wait to see you turn into a beautiful swan.

They say that daughters are the angels sent from the divine. And I couldn’t have agreed further. Congrats for turning 2 months old today my gorgeous baby boy. Mommy is so excited to have you and to see you blossom into a handsome man.

It is amazing how powerful, innocent and angelic babies are. And you my baby girl will always be the proudest thing of my life. Your cries, your laughter and your gestures makes your mommy’s day. So happy to see you growing bigger everyday. Happy 2 month birthday my girl.