It’s an occasion that doesn’t come too often. Very rarely you will find people who stick with an organization for a decade, let alone for twenty-five years. But if you have an employee who has worked for your company for 25 years, then he or she seriously deserves respect, praise, and all the good wishes from the management, and the topmost people of a company. Here in this post, we have prepared really special silver Jubilee wishes for a devoted employee. Do share it with him or her. They will cherish it for sure.

It gives us goosebumps to wish you a 25th year work anniversary. The journey has been phenomenal and you have stayed with us through the thick and thin. We are so proud of having you. May the journey continues for many more years. Happy Silver Jubilee Work anniversary dear!

The best things in life comes to those who work hard for it. It also comes to those who are blessed with supportive folks like you. In these twenty five years, we have seen the ups and down of all sorts. But staying by our side throughout these 25 years displays immense courage and belief in our value system. We sincerely thank you for these twenty years but know that the journey is far from over. Happy 25th work anniversary.

Whatever we asked for you, you did. What we expected of you, you performed. These twenty five years till now have been the best part of our professional endeavors. But it wasn’t only about the monetary success but about the growth we have achieved together with all the ebbs and the flows. But we aren’t letting you go. We would certainly say a thank you for your family who has backed you for success and hard work. Happy anniversary for completing twenty five years with us.