Many congratulations on completing the first two decades of your life. May you go on to live many many more decades!

It has been twenty years since you made your entry into this beautiful planet. Time really flies by.

Welcome to the Twenties which are synonmous with fun and richness of life.

Enjoy all the attention of the opposite gender in this decade.

Dear (name of the friend). Our friendship has stood the test of times and am sure you we are going to have a blast in the coming years. May you become more lively, energetic, smart, intelligent (you already are) in the upcoming years. Wishing you all the birthday wishes on your twentieth birthday.

Funny and sarcastic tone for 20th Birthday

Hey Buddy! Congrats on turning 20. It is amazing how much you have grown in the last few years, both physically and mentally. Even though my a** has been kicked on a number of occasions, courtesy of you, you are still one of my coolest buddies simply because I get to kick your a** too from time to time. You have been my partner in crime on many occasions and I am sure we will be involved in many in the future. By the way, I have ordered a nice gift for you online. Please do the cash on delivery.

When God was making you, I am fully sure that he was drunk. But somehow he managed to create a nice product. And here you are, after twenty years, with a personality that only God can understand. Jokes aside, I am extremely happy today on your twentieth birthday as I know that you are going to wine and dine me at a nice place. I was thinking of giving you a wonderful gift that you will cherish for life and then I thought that you already have me.

Funny 20th Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to the guy who is turning more handsome with every passing day. I wish you get attention of all the women in the world after me.

I am sure that you have realized by now that the best way to get over someone is to get under another.

According to science, the countdown to ageing starts from tomorrow onwards. But your presence in my life always keeps me energetic. Happy 20th Birthday

If I were you and it was my 20th birthday, I would give 20 presents to each of my dear friends like you. Happy Birthday!

Now that you have turned twenty, you can no longer blame yourself to be a teenager upon doing a silly mistake.

It is the decade when you will believe that you can do everything in this world, until you realize the truth by getting into real action.

Now that you will have all the energy in the world, may you not waste it in doing pleasurable things only.

Suggest a good movie on 20th Birthday

There is no better way to make a lively birthday of your friend and loved ones by suggesting an awesome movie for their 20th birthday.

Get out : – Horror, Mystery movie

The Departed : – Crime and Drama

Eurotrip : – Adult Comedy (Watch with parents at your own risk)

Scary movie (3rd Part) : – Spoof movie. Absolutely hilarious (Highly recommended)