Want to know how to give exemplary and grateful wishes to your employee for completing seventeen years? Then you have come to the right place. Employees are the backbone of every organization and special and heartwarming messages to them boost their morale, increases their loyalty, and forges a deep bond between the two of you. In this post, we are presenting some of the finest wishes for an employee who has completed seventeen years in your organization.

One of the most under rated joys of life is in having by your side in professional endeavors, who is calm, composed, but extrovert in growth, success and learning. You are one such folk who has displayed such attributes from time and again. Needless to say, these seventeen years have been amazing.

At times when things were not going our way, you showed us the path and faith. If we mention how many times you have enlivened our hope with your work ethic during the last seventeen years, it would probably take us few pages to write it all down. We thank you for everything you have done for us. But we are not done with you. A very happy work anniversary.

Words cannot express the efforts that you have put forth for this company over the last seventeen years. These 17 years have flown by and we hope to have another seventeen years (possibly more) of journey with you. Happy Work anniversary to you.

Somebody has rightly said that if its not light at the end of the tunnel, then it certainly is not the end. We feel immensely proud that someone is you; a folk who transformed our work culture for the greater good in the last seventeen years. We sincerely thank you for that. Happy work anniversary to you!

Life has been more than grateful to our organization in many ways. And one of them is in giving a wonderful, awesome individual like you who has taken us to heights of insane success for the last 17 years. For your service till now, we thank you immensely. Happy Work anniversary to you!