If an employee has given twelve years to your organization, they certainly deserve attention of praise and respect. While an organization may focus on its goals and vision for the entire year, some occasions need to be kept casual where one can speak from their heart. One such occasion is the twelfth work anniversary of an employee. It is really hard to come up with sincere messages at an instant and this is why we have prepared this post for you. Here you will find appreciative messages for 12th work anniversary.

Sometimes, the divine brings two people together in their professional endeavors. Those two then develop great work-ethic and go on to achieve significant milestones in their careers. This has been the story of you and our organization. We are so proud to have completed 12 wonderful years with you. You have been one of our finest individuals who have stood by us thick and thin. We salute you for your loyalty towards us. Happy work anniversary to you!

Over the twelve years of our working together, we may have had a fair share of disagreements and rough ride. But you never left the boat when we needed you the most. And this is why, we regard you as one of the role models for any organization. The world needs more employees like you who would give their heart and soul to the organization. We would say, we are lucky to have someone like you. A very happy 12th work anniversary to you dear!

Over the years, it has been our observation that we may not get something that we deserve. But the Lord blesses us with more than that. Having you with our organization is like the same. We have achieved monumental feats over the 12 years of your working and it would be foolish to deny your contributions to them. You are more than an employee to us. We wish you a very happy and prosperous twelfth work anniversary. May you, your family, and your friends enjoy happiness, prosperity for eternity.

Great people do not always come in the form of friends and families. Sometimes we meet them in the form of employees and employers. We are more than happy to continue our next year with you. It is hard to believe that 12 years have gone by since we first started our journey. The experience has been great and we cannot for the coming years to unfold for you and us. Happy Work anniversary on completing twelve years with us.