When it comes to human, it is imperative to appreciate them for small little things. Every employee, colleague of yours’s craves for recognition and appreciation. And when the occasion is completing them one year with the organization, you can send them hearty messages appreciating their skills, work-ethic and the results they have brought to the organization. We have prepared sincere, professional and encouraging wishes for one year completion. Do share it with your colleague.

You have come a long way with your ability to get work done and leadership skills in just one year. I am sure you will climb many more ladders of success in upcoming years. Congratulations on completing the one year. So happy to work by your side.

It is absolutely an under rated skill to work efficiently under tight deadlines. We have learnt a great deal from you in the last two years. Lots of work, laughter and fun. We wished that someone like you had joined us earlier. Many Congratulations for completing 2 years.

it may not be important to be the jack of all trades, but being a master of just one area is extremely desirable in today’s professional scenario. And you have demonstrated that over and over again with your expertise and skills. We are exhilarated with your results in just mere one year. I hope they will even get further in the coming months and years. Happy Work anniversary to you.

It’s always good to have someone in our cubicle who is bubbly, cheerful, and is always ready to give her extra effort when the need arises. We are so proud to be working alongside you. Congrats on completing one year with us. We are sure to have many many more fruitful years together.

In your mere one year of work, you have set exemplar standards of expectation. You have shown that there is no ceiling to what we can achieve in one month. I am sure you are destined for greater success in our organization. Congratulations for completing one year. We are so proud to have you.

It is true that sometimes, we do not get what we are looking for but we get more than that. And that is exactly the same with you. We always have high expectations from you but you have surpassed them in one year with your impressive work and never say die attitude. Kudos to your great work. Happy one-year anniversary. May you continue to work with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

Its always our pleasure to give fruitful words and appreciation messages who provide us with their sincerity, loyalty and full dedication towards work. Needless to say, we extremely proud of what you have achieved in your one year with our company. Many many Congratulations.

Juniors One year Anniversary wishes of Work

You may junior to us but you have shown great competence and work ethic way well above your experience. We wish that you could have joined earlier also. But I am sure you are going to be here for many more years. Happy one-year anniversary for your awesome work with us.

When young guns take on the leadership role, it is so awesome to have them in our workspace. We get to learn many things from them and their energy, enthusiasm, and vitality make everyone alive and passionate. You have amassed a no. of achievements for us in the last year. Here is to you, a very happy and congratulatory one year work anniversary.

We may have invested a lot in you with our training, effort, and patience but you have certainly repaid it with your awesome results, dedication and sincerity. We wish more and more employees be like you. Many many happy wishes for completing one year with us.

Many Congratulations to you dear for completing 1 year with us. Your addition to our organization has brought in great results and we are excited to see further growth of you and of our organization along with our equally dedicated people. Congrats to one year once again.

Senior colleague Wishing One year work anniversary

Dear Sir/ Mam. It is my great pleasure to tell you that you are exactly the sort of individual that we have always wanted. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And this phrase exactly applies to you. A lot of happy wishes for completing one year with us. I am sure our collaboration will go on for many more years.

They say that time passes flew by. I couldn’t believe that 1 year has passed away since your joining. I am sure you are going to stay here for many more years. In this one year, we have had a great time working with you. Hoping many more fruitful years with you here in our organization.

The right combination of assertive nature, leadership and soft skills are the perfect ingredients that an individual needs to possess in order to bring results. And I am so happy to say that you have not only the hard but soft skills also. Your belief in your ability and passion for the work is contagious. Happy one year to you Sir / Mam.

Its not the organization that makes employees. It is the employees that make the organization. And recruiting you here is possibly the best thing we could have ever done. Your achievements in the 1st year with us speaks volume about your skills, creativity, and leadership. I am sure you will climb the ladder of success in our corporation. Wishing you many congratulations for completing one year with us.

You have proved your value, skills, and worth in the first year your working here. We have learned many things from you and we are sure you are having a great time working with us. Here is to you a great 1st year work anniversary from us. I am sure many more years of our working are going to come in this workplace.

It only feels like yesterday that you sat beside us and joined our awesome group. Your work and helpfulness is really admirable as well as your personality, and ability to handle pressure. Wishing you a very happy 1st year of work anniversary.