Having a sibling is one of the blessings in life. You can always banter, pull their legs, make mistakes and still get away with a cute little smile. That’s what siblings are there for; to forgive you of all the mistakes in the world and see you happy and smiling all the time. If today is the birthday of your brother, then nothing could be better than to give him some funny birthday wishes. Wishes for him that will make him laugh his heart out or make him chuckle at the least. And that is exactly what you will find in this post. So lets get started with them.

Happy Birthday dear brother! The last year has witnessed a significant decrease in your fart smell and body odor. May the trend continues to remain the same. Good luck.

It is rightly said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going to the elder brother.

A great birthday to my brother who has blossomed into a fine, young handsome lad way beyond our expectations.

Dear Brother! Whether its your birthday or mine, we will doing the shopping for me only.

Dear younger brother. You are certainly younger to me by years, and yet you possess the belly 10 years ahead of my age.

To my younger bro, whose f*** ups I have hidden from our Hitler parents, you better give a fine wine and dine tonight on your birthday.

I don’t have an elder brother. Instead, I have a second father who provides less support and instead pokes my dating life day and night. Hehee!

If there would be Oscars for preparing appalling food, it would certainly go to my younger brother. Happy Birthday, Handsome!

There is some joy to cherish when I can come behind my brother, hug him hard, followed by a straight wild kick to his behind.

Funny wishes of Birthday from Younger Sister

Hey dear! May the divine bestows you with all the energy in the world to…… do all the household chores. Happy Birthday!

Funny and Sarcastic wishes from Brother to Brother

Hey Lad! Its the year when you should now start to bring in more ladies. Or may be you can learn from your cool brother on how to do it. Happy Birthday!

Hilarious Wishes from Elder Sister

Dear Brother! You may the little one in our family but I arrived first here. So happy birthday to you and please prepare for a nice little party. Thanks in advance.